You know her, you love her....your networking BFF Christy Woods is on today's episode of The Overnight Trainer Podcast! 🎉
As a former Mental Health Counselor, and current Inclusive Instructional Designer and Networking Coach, Christy has found the secret sauce to make networking better and more authentic, especially for introverts! On today's episode we deep dive into:
🛣 Christy's journey from counseling, to ID, and now into coaching, what part networking played in it, and how she blends her unique background into her authentic coaching style
😬 Why networking has a bad wrap and why many people, including introverts, have a hard time with "traditional networking"
✨ Why Christy focuses her coaching mostly on introverts, and why networking is usually not inclusive of them
👯‍♀️ Where people go wrong in networking, and what you can start doing TODAY to create authentic relationships, whether you are new to networking or not!
Christy also spills the tea 🍵 on her new Networking Better 8-Week Group Coaching Program (which she GENEROUSLY offers a discount to for podcast listeners)! DM her for more info!
Networking Better 8 Week Coaching Program:
Connect with Christy on LinkedIn:
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