Are you an L&D job seeker who is feeling "stuck" right now? 🖐
If so, you're not alone! My inbox has been blowing up lately with the words "I just feel stuck" by so many L&D job seekers, so I thought that it would be great timing to do a whole podcast episode around getting "unstuck" in your career transition!
On today's episode of The Overnight Trainer Podcast I dive into:
🗓 Why this time of year is prime conditions for feeling stuck and overwhelmed (and how to push past it)
🧠 How to harness the power of your brain to start to shift your mindset around feeling stuck
😴 The difference between having RESISTANCE and needing REST
😱 How to understand what fears are coming up for you around this process and move forward with intention
✨ Why it's so important to use periods of feeling "stuck" to reevaluate your direction
I'd love to hear from you...where are you currently feeling stuck in your career transition?
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