This past weekend, I did an #AMA (Ask Me Anything) and the questions you asked were SO GOOD, I had to do a podcast episode to elaborate on some of them.
In this week's episode of The Overnight Trainer, I answer:
📝 "Should I optimize my resume for an ATS?"
🔨 "How far should I niche down if I want to be an Instructional Designer?"
⭐️ "What advice do you have to stand out in a final interview?"
💰 "Can I classify pro-bono work as contract work on my resume?"
💪 "At 51, what is the best approach to breaking into L&D?"
🤝 "How can I convince a company they need an L&D person?"
📚 "What particular courses do you recommend to transition into L&D?
A BIG THANK YOU to Coniqua, LaNedra, Jen, Erin, Mary, Kathryn, and Ave (and everyone who submitted a question) for your incredible questions! This episode wouldn't have come together without y'all!
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